CMO 2.0 Conversation with Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO at Kodak

Written by on January 30, 2009 – 2:44 pm -

jhToday I had another opportunity to interview a true CMO 2.0 – Jeffrey Hayzlett, the CMO of Kodak.

Jeffrey and I started off by talking about the remarkable transformation and near-death experience that Kodak had to go through to remake itself as a digital company. We covered a wide array of topics, including how:

  • “branded content” can become part of the conversations
  • social media is in fact nothing more (and nothing less) than the platform that allows the “socialness” that makes us humans to scale
  • you have to be pragmatic in the ways you measure the impact of all marketing activities on sales
  • you need to train people to engage with others in a 2.0 world
  • generational differences impact marketing and new product innovation
  • gaining market insight and new product ideas have changed over the years
  • the acceleration of product lifecycles is impacting the way we develop, launch and release new products

It was truly a rich and informational conversation. I will update this post with additional topics in the near future, and also make this and other CMO 2.0 conversation transcripts available soon.

(this interview will also be make available in the Marketing 2.0 Group –

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